Dimple Hill & World’s Greatest Pit

Rheannon invited me on a mountain-bike-burrito-picnic-date night last week. We rode up to Dimple Hill, where someone had the foresight to stash an ammo box full of beer in the woods earlier that week. So we enjoyed burritos and beer over a picturesque view of Corvallis from the meadow (it’s only picturesque because you can’t see all the college students with their sweatpants). But, it was cold, and we were like popsicles on the way down. That didn’t stop us from picking up some ice cream on the way home:

As the weather gets sunnier and warmer, I’m looking forward to a lot more mountain bike-burrito dates, and a lot of hanging out on Dimple Hill and drinking a beer, kind of a Corvallis/mountain bike version of the Bluffs. There will be one big thing missing though, which is a red-nosed pit swinging on a rope. It seems that after 7 1/2 years of tearin’ it up on roads and trails behind the bike, Branson’s running days are over. While there is a lot of sadness that goes along with that, I’m happy that she’s a lazy pitbull and not as high energy as Lloyd. She can still get her kicks sleeping in the sun.

Here are a few pictures of her glory days: