6 Weeks Crammed into a Slideshow

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We spent the last couple months cramming a lot of riding and vacation into the final hours of summer. We spent an amazing 3-day weekend as guides at a local mountain bike festival, time in Bend visiting the grandparents, and Labor Day weekend riding our favorite trail on the coast with a group of friends and hanging out on the beach with our best-friend-turned-medical-student. We also spent a dusty weekend camping in the dirt and riding at odd hours during a 24 hour mountain bike race. That got us hooked on endurance racing, which you’ll probably hear more about later. Finally, we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary (but more importantly our 6th regular anniversary) at a fire lookout in the Cascades. It’s been an incredible summer, and now it’s time to pack up the camping gear and dust off the pocket protector, because school starts in exactly one week.